Coop Messi brings more varietal innovation and sustainable packaging

Wed 29/07/2020 by Richard Wilkinson
Coop Messi brings more varietal innovation and sustainable packaging

Coop Messi has invested in more sustainable packaging and varietal innovation for its stone fruit.

“We are planting new varieties of peaches and apricots because we want to get bigger fruits with better quality and more intense colouring. We have also invested €1 million in new packaging equipment to obtain much more sustainable paper packaging. The aim is to better meet the recent demand from large retailers and the general public for increased environmental protection,” said general manager, Athanasios Braniotis.

Around 80% of Coop Messi’s production is destined for export, mainly to Poland and Eastern Europe, as well as German and Austrian retailers.

Messi Agricultural Cooperative is one of the most dynamic production groups in Greece. It has 450 producer-members cultivating a combined 1,200 hectares. Messi exports throughout Europe as well as to Canada, Africa, the Middle East and Asia. On average, it produces 1 million tons of peaches and nectarines, 200,000 tons of kiwis and 100,000 tons of apples, apricots, cherries, pears, plums and quinces a year.

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