Convenience and quality in Belarus

Fri 29/07/2016 by Richard Wilkinson
Rublevskiy operates more than 70 convenience stores in Belarus

“Our company operates through 70 Rublevskiy brand stores”, said Tatiana Petrashkevich, head of the import department.

“The first store was opened 15 years ago in Minsk, and since then we have continued to develop the convenience store format, opening new shops in Minsk and in other Belarusian cities”.

The retailer offers fresh products and other fast moving goods to local residents, based on good quality and reasonable price.

“The price/quality ratio has become the hottest issue recently due to the difficult economic situation,” Petrashkevich said. “That is why we are optimising all our work processes.”

More direct imports As a result, the retailer tends to import directly from producers, skipping the intermediaries.

“We have already begun to import fruit and vegetables from the producers of Poland and Turkey; now, when the stone fruit season begins we hope to find partners in Spain. That is why we are glad to participate in the Fruit Forum in Barcelona organized by PRODECA (the organisation promoting products from Catalonia).”

Rublevskiy is a socially-oriented retailer: the company offers special loyalty programs for retired people and participates in sponsorship programmes for non-commercial organisations. The retailer has a staff of over 4,000 employees.



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