Consumer trends for 2022: e-commerce, sustainability and local products

Tue 18/01/2022 by Richard Wilkinson

In 2022, consumers are predicted to return to pre-pandemic routines, with an increase in online, sustainable and local consumption. These are the main consumer trends forecast for 2022 by the Digital Choice report compiled by Webloyalty, a leader in generating additional income for e-commerce.

Paula Rodríguez, business development director of Webloyalty Spain, said: “Speed, comfort and convenience are some of the characteristics that consumers value most in electronic commerce. Consumption trends in the coming months will revolve around the consolidation of electronic commerce, a return to normalcy by consumers, the search for local and sustainable products, as well as the relevance of consumption from home.”

Consumers are expected to seek out proximity and local modes of consumption to reinforce a sense of community. In the past year, consumers have been seeking out a more personalised and human relationship with retailers and products, and emotional connections are now essential. This is likely to be reflected in an increase in the consumption of loyalty products linked to a brand or store.




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