Concerns over India’s grape exports

Thu 07/03/2019 by Richard Wilkinson
Concerns over India’s grape exports

India’s grape exports are dwindling, despite a surge in shipments to the EU. The 19% rise in volumes sent to the European Union failed to offset the drop in exports to other key global markets, such as Russia, Sri Lanka, among others. Speaking to India Times, Jagath Khapre, president of the Indian Grape Exporters’ Association, said, “Our estimate is that the export to other countries is lagging by at least 50 per cent as compared to the previous year.

As of February 27, India had exported 52,913 tons of grapes to the EU compared with 44,332 tons on the same day in 2018, according to the Agricultural and Processed Foods Export Development Authority (Apeda). The situation is alarming given that grapes are India’s most valuable fruit export. Growers are also facing problems with phytosanitary issues. “We are awaiting clarification and clear communication from government agencies about the latest issue,” said Khapre. Prices are low in the domestic market too, due to the impact on the crop of the prolonged winter.

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