Combilo heading towards 100-year anniversary in 2024

Thu 26/03/2020
Combilo heading towards 100-year anniversary in 2024


Fruits and vegetables are a staple product in the market. With changing times, however, there is changing demand that needs to be satisfied. Combilo is a company that takes this into account; the products need to be safe, high-quality, cost-efficient and environmentally sustainable.

Ron Toet, COO of Combilo, said, “My goals are centered on creating added value to the total supply chain by enriching knowledge of trade channels and leveraging it to bridge growers to retailers, in conditions that are favourable to both.” This means linking retailers to the best growers while providing growers with the best price for their product. 

Achieving this goal is not without its challenges. Keeping packaging sustainable and produce traceable can put a lot of pressure on a supply chain. Satisfying regulations can also be costly, such as the time spent reworking infrastructure to meet the changing standards. But, Toet believes Combilo can add value and find the right strategy to become an even more reliable partner to both retailers and growers in the future.

Combilo is a Dutch company with a long history in the business (almost 100 years). It has access to a network of over 120 Dutch growers, as well as several sourcing points worldwide, and Van Nature Select, a long-time partner which provides unique access to growers. Sustainability has been a major goal for the company in the past year. It has made pivotal infrastructure changes that have dramatically reduced carbon emissions and energy consumption. 

For inquiries: Ron Toet;; +31180-446-711.


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