Colombian avocado increases global presence

With the rise in production, Colombian companies continue to grow in international markets with their Hass avocado.
Sun 08/01/2023 by Nadia VENTICINQUE
Ricardo MejIa, general manager of Fruty Green Packing
Leonarda Gallegos, certifications manager at Hass Diamond

Hass Diamond forecasts growth for 2022

With its 300 ha in the Colombian coffee region, Hass Diamond is an exporter that has incorporated other producers during its 10 years of operations. In the 2022 campaign, the firm expects to export 200 containers, 25% more than in previous years. “One of our strengths is having a group of 11 agronomists throughout the country who offer support to producers so they can market the fruit through Hass Diamond,” said certifications manager Leonarda Gallegos. The packing plant located in Pereira (Risaralda) has state-of-the-art technology, a large capacity, and the necessary authorisations and certifications to export to the EU, US, South Korea, Japan, Argentina and other markets.

Fruty Green Packing increases exports to the United States

Fruty Green was founded 14 years ago as a producer in Antioquia, Colombia. Since 2017, the company has exported 400–450 containers a year and aims to reach 550 containers in 2023. Fruty Green Packing general manager Ricardo Mejía said: “Until 2022, Europe had represented 95% of our volume. But the presence on this market of large volumes of fruit from other origins forced us to develop the United States, which, in about 2–3 years, should represent about 50% of our exports. The remaining 50% will continue to go to Europe, and we will surely begin to explore new markets such as South Korea, Japan, China and Chile.” The company is planting 160 new hectares but will suspend further expansion until the market indicates a need.


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