Clarifruit, artificial intelligence at the service of fresh produce

Tue 21/12/2021 by Belén Barbini

The company founded in Israel enables farmers, trading companies, wholesalers and retailers to make decisions based on real data regarding the quality of fresh products via an automatic data analysis and quality control platform that allows for a more accurate, consistent, efficient and cost-effective global supply chain. The machine analyses photographic images and extracts measurements and attributes such as colour variation, size, stem singularities, and other defects. Clarifruit offers higher speeds, greater uniformity, complete objectivity, ease of use and less waste. “Our goal is to be as good as human inspectors or better. We already are. We are not trying to reinvent the quality control process; we are simply automating the process. We are changing the game in terms of how the quality control process is conducted,” said Elad Mardix, president of Clarifruit.

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