CIV at Asia Fruit Logistica: new successful apple, pear and strawberry varieties! Next CIV’s Exhibition at Fruit Attraction in Madrid

Tue 18/09/2018 by Richard Wilkinson

Now that Asia Fruit Logistica is over, CIV – Consorzio Italiano Vivaisti [Italian Growers Consortium] in San Giuseppe di Comacchio is looking forward to the next trade fair, FRUIT ATTRACTION 2018 (Madrid, 23-25 October) where the Ferrara Consortium will attend for the first time with their own space (Hall/Pabellón 3 – Stand 3 C08). In outlining an analysis of the three-day event in Hong Kong, Pier Filippo Tagliani, President of CIV, says he’s very satisfied:

“The China fair is the Asian landmark event dedicated to the fruit and vegetable sector, and constitutes a privileged access point to the Asian market, as well as an important forum for exchanging ideas and forging contacts with key international players”.

At Asia Fruit Logistica, CIV brought the latest in apple, pear and strawberries varieties. These are new varieties that best meet consumer “taste” and protect the environment the most, as they are resistant to and/or tolerant of a few pathogens, such as: Sweet Resistants® apples (Gaiapbr, Geminipbr, Fujionpbr, etc.), the Civg198pbr/Modi® apple; some new apple and pear selections in their initial and/or pre-commercial development stages, currently in development in the East Asia area as well; many strawberry varieties suited to various environments (i.e.: Flaviapbr and Flaminiapbr for temperate climates, and Clerypbr for environments with a continental climate) and remontant ones (Muranopbr and Majesticpbr), for traditional field crops and/or modern soilless and/or greenhouse techniques, which combine high natural resistance with excellent organoleptic qualities, in line with the demands of today’s global market; various types of Pear trees (early bearing, with over-colour, with completely red skin: PE1UNIBOpbr/Lucy Sweet®, PE2UNIBOpbr/Early Giulia®, PE4UNIBOpbr/Lucy Red®, etc.) developed in support of the breeding programme run by the University of Bologna.

“CIV’s innovations – continues President Tagliani – have been met with great interest from attendees of Asia Fruit Logistica. CIV also had the opportunity to meet their Licensees Modi® International, Northern and Southern hemispheres (Australia and New Zealand), as well as the licensed importer for the MODIciv™ apple for India, IG INTERNATIONAL, honoured with the prestigious ASIA FRUIT AWARD as Importer of the year”.

This award honours IG INTERNATIONAL, which, from 1999 to today, has become one of the major benchmark operators in the Indian market, importing over 50 varieties of fruit from 20 countries, with significant investments in intermodal infrastructure, for an increasingly effective management of the cold chain/logistics, to meet and/or anticipate the continuous needs of the many Indian consumers. At the China fair, President Tagliani and Variety Manager Marco Bertolazzi met with international partners for a valuable update on current and/or future project collaborations (nursery/production/trade) on a global scale, and the East Asia territories specifically, where interesting development opportunities are cropping up.

As the upcoming fair, MADRID FRUIT ATTRACTION 2018, approaches, President Tagliani says

“Our goal is to meet international operators and clients, with a close focus on those from the Latin and Spanish world. Indeed, CIV is actively committed to increasing its presence in these markets, which certainly offer major development opportunities for genetics for the Ferrara consortium, due to the organoleptic and agronomic characteristics of the new varieties on offer. In Madrid – concludes Tagliani – we will offer the full range of our fruit production to an R&D programme built along a few guidelines: natural hardiness and vigour of the plants; good adaptability to both integrated and organic production, as well as, obviously, high-yield conventional cultivation; low environmental impact production thanks to tolerance to diseases and low water and feed requirements; top quality fruit with a distinctive flavour, and optimal consistency and shelf-life characteristics”.

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