Citrus attracting younger consumers 

Thu 23/02/2023 by Richard Wilkinson

On the event of the 30th anniversary of Fruit Logistica, WCO members met in Berlin to exchange citrus consumption and market developments. On the back of challenging climatic conditions across many countries for citrus, the sector, like others in fresh produce, is grappling with quickly changing consumption trends. With consumers moving into a post-COVID mindset and priority shifting to the price of a shopping basket, purchasing decisions are shifting across demographics. 

WCO Secretary General Philippe Binard said: “Citrus is still a prominent category in Europe with oranges and mandarins together as the second most popular fruits after apples with consumption at 12.43kg per capita per year. However, despite most citrus products now returning to pre-pandemic consumption levels, younger generations are showing slightly higher purchasing volumes overall. Although households are increasingly shopping according to more limited budgets, citrus is remaining a key element in fresh fruit and vegetable selection.”  

More insight on developments in the global citrus market will be provided to WCO members at the Organisation’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) set to take place online in mid-April. The AGM proceedings will include the WCO’s Southern Hemisphere Forecast. 


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