Chile’s kiwi crop down 10-15%

Tue 21/05/2019 by Richard Wilkinson
Chile’s kiwi crop down 10-15%

Official forecasts for Chile’s kiwi production indicate a drop of 10-15% from last season. However, as Carlos Cruzat, president of the Kiwi Committee of Chile, said, this season’s fruit has a greater dry matter and calibre than seen in previous years. Moreover, the committee will be undertaking marketing campaigns in India and the US, focused especially on the new generations of consumers, where this healthy fruit has the greatest potential.

By weeks 15-16 2019, Chilean kiwi exports had reached 27,868 tons, 6% lower than the same week of 2018. Of the total exported, 91% were of the Hayward variety, and the remaining volume consisted of Jintao 0.9%, Summer Kiwi 3.3%, Soreli 1.1%, Dori 2.4%, Green Light 0.6%, Kiss 0.2%, and Sweet Kiwi 0.4%.

The main target market for Chilean kiwis so far this season has been the Far East, with a 30% share of total exports, followed by North America with 23%, Latin America with 21%, Russia with 9% and Europe with 13%. Almost all markets recorded growth from the same date of 2018, with the exception of Europe, which registered a 58% drop, largely due to the high volumes of Italian and Greek fruit available in the market.

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