Chilean organic exports to EU soar past 2017 levels

Wed 31/10/2018 by Richard Wilkinson
Chilean organic exports to EU soar past 2017 levels

Exports of Chilean organic products to the EU are up this year. By August of this year, shipments had reached US$49 million, which is markedly up from the $42 million recorded for the whole of 2017. The sharp rise in shipments to the EU follows the signing of an organic trade equivalency agreement between the two parties. Chile has seen a 334% increase in its organic production since 2000, in response to growing demand from the EU and therefore from importers. The data was announced at the SIAL Paris Fair for the food industry, where latest trends in the world food sector are discussed. Chile’s produce is recognised not only for its quality, but also for the innovation and technology applied in its development.

Director of ProChile, Jorge O ‘ Ryan,  said,

“This year has entered into force the agreement of trade equivalence of organic with the European Union, where the block not only recognizes Chile as a commercial partner, but also as an innocuous producer with international guarantee. Without a doubt it is a great advance for this sector and the exports of Chilean food.”

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