Chilean kiwi lands in North America

Mon 03/06/2019 by Richard Wilkinson
Chilean kiwi lands in North America

This season will see Chile send its first kiwis to North America. To mark this historic achievement, there will be promotions in retail outlets and on social media from June to September. In recent years, Chile has seen a substantial expansion in its production of the fruit. Chilean kiwi will compete in the North American market with South American fruit. Last year, almost 11,000 tons of South African kiwi landed on the shelves of North American retailers.

Following a dry and hot summer, Chile’s 2019 crop has record levels of dry matter, according to the Chilean Fresh Fruit Association. This translates as quality fruit with consistent ripeness along the supply chain. The fruit is also of a large calibre, between Size 30 and 33.

Chile’s first small shipments of green kiwi arrived in North America in Week 12. Weekly shipments are expected to increase steadily until September.

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