Chilean cherries enjoy best season in China

As China celebrates its New Year, Chilean cherry exports are celebrating their best ever season in China in terms of the volumes and prices.
Mon 23/01/2023 by Richard Wilkinson

Up to week 3 in 2023, over 55 million 5 kg boxes had been sold in China, according to Isabel Quiroz, founder of iQonsulting. “Due to high sales activity in the markets, sellers hope to clear their fruit this week. There will only be about 2.5 million boxes left to arrive in China very close to the celebration, which will have to be sold after the Chinese New Year. Over this period, we expect to move only about 20% of the total shipped to China this season, which is considered good,” said Quiroz. In total Chile will export a record 82 million 5 kg boxes this season, about 90% of which will be to China.


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