Challenging raspberry campaign for Huelva

Mon 23/09/2019 by Richard Wilkinson
Challenging raspberry campaign for Huelva

This year, Huelva’s ​​raspberry production area did not expand by as much as it has in recent times. The season got off to a difficult start, with high August temperatures negatively affecting certain plant varieties, resulting in fruit deformation and lower quality. There was also rot in the fruits caused by the Suzuky fly and post-harvest shelling occurred in fruits of the Adelita variety. Despite these challenges, the sector was generally satisfied with the campaign. Production in the first months was down, and sales over the Christmas period slumped dramatically from last year. By May, volumes had recovered, with sales above average at a price of €4.73/kg, which is 8.6% below the average price level of May 2018.

Source: Consejeria de Agricultura Junta de Almeria

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