Central Dica specialises in large-scale distribution and exports by air

Fri 17/01/2020 by Richard Wilkinson
Central Dica specialises in large-scale distribution and exports by air

Lorenzo Carrasco, marketing manager of Central Dica, an importer and marketer of fruits and vegetables, says that 2019 was a good year for the firm’s growth and its continued specialisation in imported products, such as the Ercolina pear from Chile, mango, avocado, and grapes. Central Dica always looks for products with a twist to their quality and taste. The vehicle for current and future growth is La Pequeña Holanda SCA, with its conventional and organic production on over 260 hectares, both for domestic and export customers. The company continues to develop its marketing in all distribution channels: wholesale, retail, food service, online, export and, of course, large-scale distribution, the last of which is where growth and specialisation has been greatest in recent years.

“And we will carry on working like this since, fortunately, we have the know-how and capabilities to continue growing by offering the kinds of service that few companies in our sector can match,” said Carrasco. “We continue to specialise in exports by air, a project that we started a few years ago. We’re targeting the UAE, Africa and Asia with all kinds of products of Spain origin as well as cross-docking from international origins.”

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