Carrefour deploys blockchain technology in tomato channel

Tue 17/07/2018 by Richard Wilkinson

After the launch of its blockchain chicken last March, the distributor has extended this technology to the tomato sector. The product, an elongated Cauralina tomato, is the result of a partnership formed with the farmers’ cooperative of Rougeline in 2015. This variety of tomato is grown without herbicide by nine producers of Marmande and Roussillon. The blockchain technology obliges every actor in the supply chain to enter traceability information, thereby giving the consumer a QR Code on the product label with all product information: origin of the tomato, the name of the producer, the method of cultivation, the date of planting.

For the producers, it encourages them to use their local know-how to produce better. For the distributor, it is a step towards transparency and traceability. After tomatoes, the technology should be applied to other animal and vegetable sectors. By the end of this year, the distributor has committed to guaranteeing the traceability of eight products.

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