Cano Nature or the Soleil Royal highly select melon

Tue 21/06/2016 by Richard Wilkinson
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The company from Murcia has continued its development as a recognised specialist in Charentais highly select melons since 1968. Its renowned brand Soleil Royal is recognised by panels of French consumers annually among the Charentais melon brands of greatest flavour. It also produces artichokes and broccoli in the winter under the Vita Vert brand.

“We grow 400 ha of melons and 25 ha in greenhouses, exporting for 4 months from April 15 to the end of September,” said company head Asdrubal Cano. It supplies several big French and Belgian distribution chains and has also begun to enter other European markets. “German and Swiss chains are showing increasing interest in great-tasting melons,” Cano said.

Since April last year, the family company has been in new facilities located between Cartagena and San Javier, in the heart of the main Spanish melon-growing area. Passionate about quality, Asdrubal Cano is seen to be extremely demanding in the selection of varieties and products.

“We always strive to exceed the customers’ expectations in flavour and aromas. In fact, we gain our customers’ loyalty by giving them satisfaction,” he said.

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