Camposol: First anniversary of “The Berry That Cares”

Wed 10/10/2018 by Richard Wilkinson
Camposol: First anniversary of

This month we celebrate one year of the presentation of the blueberry brand “The Berry That Cares”(TBTC) and Camposol is very satisfied with its introduction in the market. The intense marketing campaign, launched in 2017, continues throughout the year 2018 in the company´s main markets: North America, Europe and China. The TBTC blueberries are being very well received in the Asian country where they were offered for the first time in 2018.

In addition to point-of-sale tastings in key markets, marketing activities include direct communication with consumers through social networks. For this purpose, the brand has media such as a website, Facebook, Instagram, and its own Berry Blog to inform about the differentiating characteristics of the brand.

This initiative confirms Camposol´s commitment to excellence, in terms of quality, consistency and service, as well as highlights its efforts in social and environmental responsibility that drive “The Berry That Cares”, its brand of blueberries that is available to consumers worldwide at major supermarkets in the United States, Canada, Europe and China.

Besides the freshness, quality and delicious taste of the blueberry, the brand highlights Camposol’s commitment to the consumer, the planet, the community and its workers, offering blueberries without genetically modified organisms (non GMO), providing a fair and committed relationship to its workers, care for the environment, and the development of a community where once there was only desert. Also our biological control system is remarkable, because it prioritizes the natural pest management and the use of beneficial microorganisms vs. the use of pesticides, in favour of the health of all our consumers.

This year Camposol accomplished the goal of reaching 2,000 hectares of blueberry cultivation, of which 86 ha already have the USDA Organic certification. Further investments in the product are planned for the future, while expanding the quota of organic blueberries.

Jorge Ramírez, CEO of Camposol: “The brand “The Berry That Cares” represents Camposol’s philosophy of combining high quality fruits with environmental and social commitment. In recent years, blueberries have become strategically important to CAMPOSOL and we plan to continue consolidating in the future as one of the world’s leading players in this product. “

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