Califrais, exponential growth of Rungis’ new e-platform

Tue 29/11/2022 by Pierre Escodo

Created in 2021, the objective of the Califrais platform is to digitise the sales and logistics flows of wholesale operations in the most sustainable and competitive way. In addition, it makes it easier for local producers to get access to the market. “It is also important to develop a culture of change among operators, to make them understand they need to digitise if they want to survive,” said Pierre Levy, CEO and founder of Califrais. Since last summer, the platform has experienced exponential growth, with thousands of professionals from Paris and other provinces already using it regularly to make purchases. The delivery platform offers access to better prices, saves purchasing time and reduces logistics costs. Califrais, which features artificial intelligence, allows wholesalers to use tablets and smartphones as interfaces.

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