BioSabor receives the first biodiversity certification in Spain

BioSabor has become the first fruit and vegetable company in Spain to obtain the Global.G.A.P. Biodiversity module certificate.
Mon 07/11/2022 by Richard Wilkinson

Francisco Belmonte, president of Biosabor, said: “We are the first it is because of the great efforts made. I have to congratulate our General Manager, María Dolores Morales, and the Director of Sustainability, María José Jiménez, for the great work of almost two years to achieve this goal.”

For Belmonte, the “challenge now is to consolidate this Biodiversity module so that it becomes a habit, a daily way of working. I believe that society, the economy, our planet, need us to do things in this way and not as an exception or something punctual, but coupled to our day to day.”

Miguel Rodríguez de la Rubia, president of Agrocolor, who delivered the certificate, highlighted this special moment: “Biosabor is a benchmark company in the horticultural sector, and especially in organic farming, and I think it has taken another step forward by giving them the GlobalG.A.P. Biodiversity module, which is going to be a perfect complement because it amplifies and it gives more meaning to the work they have been doing for so many years. They are the first fruit and vegetable company in Spain to receive this certificate.”

Rodríguez De la Rubia is convinced that this GlobalG.A.P. Biodiversity certification “is going to open up new markets and consolidate the business in Europe as the main exporters of organic farming.”

As specified by GlobalG.A.P., the Biodiversity module establishes a set of rules, principles and criteria that help producers demonstrate their biodiversity management practices. Retailers and traders can require suppliers to undergo an additional BioDiversity audit to meet their corporate social responsibility commitments.

María Dolores Morales, general director of Biosabor, who has worked side by side with the director of Sustainability, María José Jiménez, takes pride in the work of all these years and of the entire team which has achieved a management system of excellence that endorses all the certifications in terms of quality and food safety.

For the CEO of Biosabor, this GlobalG.A.P. Biodiversity certificate is a “guarantee that we have sufficient infrastructure and designed in such a way to be able to expand, protect and care for all the biodiversity of our environment in our facilities and that of course we already manage in our organic greenhouses”.


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