Belgians spending on fresh organic food and drinks grew by 6% in 2017

Wed 11/04/2018 by Richard Wilkinson

The consumption of fresh organic food and drinks increased by 6% in 2017 in Belgium, while in the Flanders region, the increase was as high as 11%. Vegetables, fruit and potatoes continue to receive the greatest interest and represent 40% of the spending on organics. The share of people who buy organics at least once a week increased in 2017 and 90% of Belgians buy an organic product at least once a year. The market share of fresh organic food products increased from 3 to 3.2%.
The farm shop and the farmers’ markets are the channels with the highest percentage of organic products in the assortment, with one out of every five products being organic. The supermarket remains the main purchasing channel for organic products.

These results were recorded by GfK Belgium on behalf of VLAM. For this survey, the purchases of 5,000 Belgian households were continuously monitored. The table below shows the spending on organics in different regions of the country over a ten-year period.


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