B&C Lifestyle B.V., zero pesticides in Chinese exports of ginger to Europe

Thu 22/09/2022 by Amanda Cardinal
B&C Lifestyle’s stand at Fruit Logistica Berlin 2022

Founded in 2011 in the Netherlands, this young corporation is focused on trade between China and Europe. It cultivates, packs, dries, stores and exports under its own management to meet the different preferences of its clients. The firm’s specialty is ginger, which is cultivated in China using techniques that ensure zero pesticides. At its new 6,000 m2 warehouse in Zoetermeer, B&C Lifestyle now stores and dries its ginger to offer better quality than ginger dried externally. The company’s mission is to be a global provider of high-quality ginger all year round. Due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and the nutritional qualities of ginger, demand has soared, with profits exceeding €10 million.


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