Australia’s apple and pear industry targets sharp increase in exports

Thu 22/03/2018 by Richard Wilkinson
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Australia’s apple and pear industry aims to reach exports of 10% of production by 2027. The ambitious goal is outlined in a report titled Apple & Pear Industry Export Development Strategy. The strategy includes a focus on high-value varieties targeting niche and neighbouring markets, as well as seasonal opportunities through programmed sales contracts with global export supply chains. In parallel, there will be initiatives to develop grower knowledge of export requirements, encourage the establishment of supply networks, grow exporter capability, infrastructure and logistics, target marketing in priority markets, conduct trade missions and establish systems delivering robust commercial trade intelligence.

Apple and Pear Australia (APAL) chief executive, Phil Turnbull, said, “Boosting exports is a key priority in reducing industry risk related to our heavy reliance on the domestic market.” The initial five-year strategy was developed by Melbourne-based consultants McKinna et al in consultation with industry and funded by Hort Innovation using government funds. It prioritises a range of markets from ‘prime prospects’ to ‘low priority’ and sets forth a road map for capturing them, including building integrated export chains, investing in brand-based marketing in prime prospect markets, growing opportunistic trade, developing targeted product strategies for priority markets, establishing prioritised market access plans, and improving market intelligence.

The target for 2020 is to export 15,000 tons of apples (nearly three times the 2016 volume) and 12,000 tons of pears (up from 9,820 tons in 2016).


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