Australia targets European organic markets

Mon 09/11/2020 by Richard Wilkinson
Australia targets European organic markets ©

The Australian government has taken a further step to promote the country’s organic agriculture by providing €60,000 in funding for industry body Australian Organics to support exporters targeting German, Swedish and UK markets. Australian Organics will use the grant to support trade of organic products through a national education programme, which will include a series of webinars on a new online platform.

David Littleproud, Australia’s minister for agriculture, said the sessions will provide free resources and information to certified organic operators interested in targeting Europe.

“On 20 October, Australian Organic will launch its export country-specific webinar series to be conducted virtually via Zoom. These initial webinars held over three days will focus on Germany, Sweden and the United Kingdom, all potentially lucrative markets for our farmers of certified organic produce. Each webinar will cover a range of export-related content including market selection strategies, market access, organic certification and market specific consumer trends.”

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