Australia prepares for record grape harvest

Wed 13/11/2019 by Richard Wilkinson
Australia expects yet another record season for grapes

Australia expects a record table grape crop in 2019/20, with output up 14% to 240,000 tons, according to FAS data. The main factor is the growth in production area due to the profitability of the fruit and strong demand in recent years. Vine plantings are increasing by about 20% each year, which will lead to further growth as young plants reach maturity. Growing conditions were not ideal, with droughts across many production areas. Nevertheless, high returns offset the water costs.

Many of the new plantings are for export to Asian markets like China, where consumers are shifting preferences to seedless varieties, as well as new varieties and flavours. The main grape production state is Victoria (71%), which accounts for most exports.  Table grape production starts in November and reaches its peak in February and March, before concluding in May.

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