Asfertglobal presents a new corporate website, offering more functionalities and features for agricultural professionals

Mon 11/06/2018 by Richard Wilkinson

The biofertilizer company Asfertglobal has just relaunched its new corporate website. Asfertglobal is known for its commitment to creating unique solutions to help farmers practice sustainable agriculture, and continues to pursue a close relationship with its clients and distributors, on this occasion renewing one of its most direct means of communication with them: the website.

“For you and on your behalf” is how the company’s managers describe the changes made to the portal; changes which mean its clients can now find the full range of products divided into different crops and make direct searches to find the solution to a specific crop problem, as well as being divided into family groups. Every product appears with its corresponding detailed description and the “Organic Farming” stamp for all those that are authorized for use in this type of farming. For those interested in sourcing even more information, you can download the data sheets on the products in question, though authorization requires prior registration.

The website also includes testimonials from farmers of different geographical regions who share their experiences with Asfertglobal products.

“Asfertglobal is growing with the support of our clients. That’s why we’re committed to helping them with everything in every way we can to ensure them the maximum yield with the use of our products. We hope that our current and future clients will use the website content to find detailed information on the products and components they buy from Asfertglobal, but also to select the correct application time of each product in our portfolio. says Manuela Cordeiro, the company Marketing Manager.

With a simple log-on compatible with PCs, tablets and smartphones, clients can enter the site directly from any location. The portal’s update – which is now available in English, Spanish and Portuguese – gives it a more modern, simple and versatile appearance. The new format is now available at the same website address:

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