Asda hits the spot with home delivery food boxes 

Tue 14/07/2020 by Richard Wilkinson
Asda hits the spot with home delivery food boxes 

UK retailer Asda has launched a new fruit and vegetable food box that includes next day delivery. Costing GBP20, the food boxes have proved a great hit as consumers seek to minimise visits to supermarkets. The food box weighs approximately 12kg and has 18 different colourful fruits and vegetables, all delivered to your door the next day. It includes salad items, such as cucumber, tomato and baby gem lettuce; cooking veg including mushrooms, spinach and green beans; roast dinner essentials such as potatoes and carrots; plus snack fruits like grapes, apples and blueberries.

Graeme Fletcher, project manager at Asda’s sourcing and procurement arm, said in a release:

“We’ve listened to which food box our customers want and have developed the contents to suit their needs – a convenient and cost-effective option full to the brim with the freshest fruit and vegetables. Not only will it save them time, the opportunities for creating delicious healthy meals and tasty snacks are endless.”


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