Argentina’s citrus industry aims to increase competitiveness

Mon 15/10/2018 by Richard Wilkinson
Argentina’s citrus industry aims to increase competitiveness

Argentina’s citrus sector have met members of the country’s government at the Citizcola Competitiveness Roundtable to discuss competitiveness and ways to open new markets. The Phytosanitary Association of the Argentine Northwest (Afinoa) signed agreements with the National Fund of Agriculture (Fondagro) and the National Service of Health and Agri-Food Quality (Senasa).

The Minister of Agribusiness of Argentina, Luis Miguel Etchevehere commented, “Citriculture has been working hard and we have improved our operations both domestically and internationally.” According to government data, Argentina’s citrus exports are worth US$319 million. The country’s citrus sector is working to open new markets such as the US, China, Colombia and India, which involves establishing export rights and export refunds.

Meanwhile, the president of Senasa, Ricardo Negri, spoke about the authorisation of ports of exit on the Pacific Ocean coast for the production of citrus fruits by passing through Chile. The sanitary conditions needed to be able to use this route were laid out.

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