Apples Val Venosta returns to Fruit Attraction to present the novelties of its next season 22/23

"Evolution, not revolution," declares VIP with conviction. The renewal and evolution of the business organization and its approach to the market have been one of the main focuses of this season's work, to move forward for the next campaign and future developments with renewed capacity.
Tue 11/10/2022 by VIP
Golden Deliciou
Val Venosta stand in Fruit Attraction
Val Venosta team at Fruit Attraction

Val Venosta returns and brings its “Apple Paradise” to the Spanish capital. VIP, the Val Venosta co-operatives association, is presented again at Fruit Attraction (Hall 8 Stand 8E07), to present all the news for the coming year.

VIP is characterized by close-to-nature cultivation, the spirit of cooperation and the pursuit of sustainability. Adapting to market changes has forced the company to review its organizational structure to effectively face the challenges ahead. The renewal and evolution of its team has been one of the main indicators of this season to carry out the next campaign. In any case, this review has been based on its own perceived and defined founding values, which VIP summarizes in its statement “First Class Apple Partner”.

The growing segmentation and complexity of the market and the increasing demands for service, information, advice and communication from customers have convinced VIP to take a further step – after the changes already made in 2007 and 2017 – towards an organizational model that offers more flexible solutions and more immediate responses. With a new sales management under Kurt Ratschiller, new areas of responsibility have been created: such as Export Sales Management in Italy and two Product Managers for the management and development of the Club and organic apple range, respectively. This will increase the level of specialization of our sales staff, ensuring a greater presence at customer sites and actively offering customized solutions for apple supply management.

The main objectives of this season 22/23, marked by the company, will be to maintain volumes of integrated product, its Golden Delicious during the 12 months of the year, and continue to strengthen its position in the organic market with its BIO apples, one of the strengths of the Apple Paradise along the lines of current consumer trends, although production will be 20% lower than  in previous years, although the Val Venosta growers have the advantage of the altitude, which has mitigated heat damage throughout Europe, allowing regular planning of harvesting and storage.

To remain the leading supplier of organic apples in Spain, Val Venosta will guarantee, on the one hand, the high quality of organic apples to customers and consumers and, on the other hand, an excellent service, including the most advanced techniques in the production process, thanks to a state-of-the-art packaging plant. Finally, the greatest added value in terms of communication remains the Biography project, through which consumers have access to 100% guaranteed traceability.

To achieve its objectives, Val Venosta will invest in several high-impact marketing campaigns. Among others, one of the main ones will be the celebration of the Greengrocer’s Day in February, investments in OOH and social media campaigns, in addition to the presence in the main Spanish mercas next spring. The latter with a great novelty that will surprise local wholesalers and greengrocers with an activation focused mainly on providing support and specific advice to their stores, with the aim of informing consumers about the different varieties of apples and, consequently, increasing sales.

About Val Venosta Apples

The Val Venosta co-operatives association, VIP, was founded in 1990 and is made up of seven cooperatives and 1,600 growers that cultivate about 5,300 hectares in Val Venosta, located in the Italian Alps.

The valley’s special microclimate (300 days of sunshine per year; strong temperature fluctuations between day and night; and the altitude at which the apples are grown – between 500 and 1,000 meters) and its nature, offer the perfect conditions for growing high quality apples.

80% of VIP’s production is obtained by applying integrated farming techniques, which minimize the use of chemical pesticides and prohibit chemical treatments after harvest. A way of farming that respects the environment, the naturalness of the fruit and human health. The remaining 20% of its production is organic. This line, BIO Val Venosta, has an average harvest of over 30,000 tons and its main markets are Italy, Germany and Scandinavia. Val Venosta harvests an average of 320,000 tons of apples each season and sells them in 50 international markets, including Italy (absorbing 50% of production), Germany, the Iberian Peninsula, Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.

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