Andalusia mango harvest up 25%

Thu 08/11/2018 by Richard Wilkinson
Andalusia mango harvest up 25%

Spain’s main tropical fruit production zone is in the Axarquia area of Malaga and along the Tropical Coast of Granada, where perfect growing conditions can be found. This year, the region’s mango sector is set to break the production record, with 30,000 tons expected, up nearly 25% from last year, according to the Spanish Association of Tropical Fruits.

“We are meeting all forecasts. It is a good campaign, there is more fruit, it has a good quality, and it is being sold reasonably well,” said Jose Linares, the president of the Association.

This increase in production is mainly the result of good growing conditions and maturing trees producing more fruit each year. Mango production area currently measures around 3,200 hectares, but could double in the coming years. One of the sector’s challenges is the scarcity of water in the area. With farmers paid around €1.20 per kilo of mango, the campaign will generate over €30 million. Around 75% of production is exported out of Spain.



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