Ambrosia ™ launches first television advertising campaign 

Tue 24/11/2020 by Richard Wilkinson
Ambrosia ™ launches first television advertising campaign 

With the claim “Ambrosia, te va divina” (Ambrosia, you’re divine), the Ambrosia ™ apple brand has launched its first television advertising campaign in Spain with a 20-second spot, which is being broadcast nationwide on the main networks. This campaign, which will be active until November 29, aims to achieve greater brand awareness of Ambrosia ™ apples in Spanish homes.

In this commercial, Ambrosia ™ stages the day-to-day life of a Spanish family, promoting their apples with naturalness, dynamism and freshness. The representation of everyday scenes enables Ambrosia ™ apples to be positioned as a quality, healthy and versatile product, which has its place in every moment of our lives.

Meanwhile, Ambrosia ™ presents through this new television campaign, its first image change with which it wants to establish its notoriety in the international market and reach as many consumers as possible. Consumers will therefore soon be able to discover a renewed logo consisting of a halo of gradient colours.

The halo is the result of the fusion of the two main elements of the brand, which are its symbol and the colour gradient, characteristic of the variety. The brand update also affects the brand’s slogan, which becomes “… Mmmbrosia. Sweet by Nature ”to“ … Mmmbrosia ”.

With this renewed image, Ambrosia ™ aims to build a stronger and more attractive brand identity to stand out in the fresh produce market and place itself even more in the minds of consumers. Ambrosia ™ will release its new image in the coming weeks both in its packaging and in its products as well as in its different corporate elements.

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