All set for the 2021 Tomato Symposium!

Thu 07/10/2021 by Richard Wilkinson
Massimo Mirabella
Massimo Mirabella, organiser of the event and head editor of monthly publication Agrisicilia, is standing at the center of the image.

The first Tomato Village in Italy will be held on October 29th and 30th, 2021. The IV International Tomato Symposium is supported by sponsors and institutional partners, which decided to invest in this training and scientific dissemination event important for Sicilian salad tomato production. After over a year of restrictions, the 2021 edition of the symposium will be a breath of fresh air for sponsor companies looking for a direct dialogue with Sicilian producers and for all those wanting to dedicate two days to their cultural and entrepreneurial growth. 

The city of Comiso (RG) will host the International symposium for the third time running, in partnership with Poland. The event will start with a convention on soil salinity, before moving on to the effect of biostimulants on production, packaging automatic systems, and equipment for sauce production. Plant growth and defence products, fertigation, innovative greenhouses, and the most suitable varieties developed for Sicily will also be discussed. 

University professors and researchers will attend the 4th edition of the event. Speakers will include professors from the University of Naples such as Gianluca Caruso and other researchers, professors from the University of Krakow in Poland such as Agnieszka Sękara and professors and researchers from the University of Catania (Antonio Barbera, Francesco Giuffrida e Rosario Mauro), who will dialogue directly with their Italian and Polish colleagues. Of course, economic and commercialization topics will also be addressed thanks to consultants from big Polish retail chains. The Symposium is always welcome by producers, as it represents the perfect occasion for comparison, training, and cultural growth. 

Massimo Mirabella, head editor of monthly publication Agrisicilia, which organises the Symposium, said:

“We are ready to provide Sicilian producers with a moment of high training. Thanks to our sponsors, in fact, they can go on a cultural and educational journey while remaining comfortably seated! Our speakers will present everything that’s new when it comes to genetics, plant diseases, post-harvesting, and commercialization. By attending our events, you can therefore learn about the sector’s international trends and future markets.”

For further information on how to attend, write to, while companies wanting to sponsor the event can write to before October 10th.

The following companies have already confirmed they will take part: Unitec, Tred Technology, Ageon, ISI Sementi, TSI Italia, Hydro Fert, Koppert, Centro Lombricoltura Toscano, Medgroup, Fomet, Gowan, and the Pedonlab analysis and consulting laboratory.

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