Alcampo adds 215 products to private label range

44 fall under the Alcampo Controlled Production label and 171 under the Auchan brand
Fri 10/06/2022 by Maria Belén Barbini

Alcampo, a Spanish chain of hypermarkets and supermarkets, has expanded its private-label range with the addition of over 200 new products, 44 sold under Alcampo Controlled Production and 171 under the Auchan label (represented by the well-known bird logo). Alcampo Controlled Production welcomes food products developed in collaboration with small producers that recapture the flavours and smells of yesteryear to offer better quality, traceability and care for the environment and society. Among the new products are organic citrus fruit. Most of Alcampo’s products are produced in Spain, such as citrus fruit (oranges, tangerines, lemons and fresh juices) and stone fruit (peaches, nectarines, apricots, cherries, plums and Paraguayos).

Projects for the recovery of native varieties

The range contains numerous types of tomatoes, including the Otelo, Rosa, Azul, Moorish tomato, among others, all grown in Spain. In addition, Alcampo is working on “Recovery Projects” to rediscover native varieties, such as the Gordo, Moruno and Antiguo de Madrid tomatoes, which are grown under sustainable farming techniques in order to preserve all their flavour and aroma. They are picked every morning and reach Alcampo shelves in less than a day.

Early strawberries of the Candela variety produced in Huelva

Early strawberries, sold under the Alcampo Controlled Production brand, are just one of Alcampo’s sustainable projects. This Candel variety is obtained through an ambitious R&D project whereby suppliers prioritise biological pest control over the use of chemicals, and are firmly committed to zero-waste farming. Alcampo has expanded its assortment of these strawberries by incorporating a 1 kg box in addition to the 400 gram box introduced in 2020. Organics comprise around 2% of Alcampo’s sustainable fruit lines, and the retailer has made a firm commitment to local products.

More info

Gordo: A large tomato variety that can weigh up to 500 g. It has a thick red skin with a green hue near its heart and an orange pulp. It has a full, somewhat acidic, flavour.

Moorish: This smaller tomato reaches around 120 g. It is a round variety with an entirely red skin. The skin and flesh have a medium consistency and it has a slightly sweet taste.

Old: This tomato will be available from mid-August as it is the latest variety of the three. It is small, slightly flattened and has a dark-green wrinkled skin and orange flesh. Its texture is soft and it is the sweetest of the trio. Its size ranges between 90-200 g.

Key Figures

Alcampo Spain

63 hypermarkets

239 supermarkets

5 click & collect points with convenience stores

53 gas stations

20,000 workers

Online trading service

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