AGVs the next step in warehouse automation

Wed 23/03/2022 by Pierre Escodo
Maf Group's fully automated AGVs
Maf Group's fully automated AGVs

Automatic guided vehicles or AGVs are a new solution offered by Maf Group to optimise automation in warehouses. These vehicles transport merchandise in boxes or bins throughout the warehouse without the need for a driver, thus allowing for lower costs and more efficient processes. With this new product, Maf Roda has taken another step towards the long-awaited stage of automation. One of the main advantages of Maf Roda AGVs over others is that they feature clean lithium batteries, thanks to which, they are recharged without the risk of short circuit and fire. The AGVs are 100% integrated within installations, with a supervisor system ensuring traceability at all times. The AGVs are designed specifically to take into account the specific characteristics of the F&V sector, such as the working environment and type of cargo to be transported.

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