Agro Mashov 2019

Mon 17/06/2019 by Richard Wilkinson
Agro Mashov 2019

Where will a medium sized watermelon be unveiled? Agriculture run from a smartphone?

And delegations from all over the world, including a Palestinian delegation, that will come to do business?

There is no farmer, CEO of a seed company or anyone else dealing in agriculture who can’t miss participating in the Agro Mashov 2019 Exhibition.

Agro Mashov is considered the leading platform for anyone interested in viewing, up close and personal, the latest developments in the field, both from Israel and from around the world.

Furthermore, professional conferences will be held within the ambit of the Exhibition.

For example, a bell pepper conference will be held, which will review the situation and attempt to propose solutions for growers and those involved in the field.

Another conference will deal in the field of cannabis.

The objective of the conference is to transfer professional knowledge and to provide tools for an industry estimated by the Government to be worth 100 billion Shekels per annum with an economic potential of exporting 4 billion Shekels in value per annum.

The conference will be opened with a speech by the Minister of Agriculture and new technologies in the field, ways of financing, etc., will be discussed.

Another professional conference that will be held is “Avocado is King”. At this conference, the future trends and forecasts will be discussed, as will the marketing potential in Asia, the Ministry of Economics leverage and also how the avocado industry is perceived by marketers in Israel.

As stated, many seed companies will attend and will exhibit, inter alia, a medium sized watermelon and a sweet yellow watermelon named Emoji. Other companies will exhibit new cherry tomatoes, long bell peppers, cherry tomatoes containing a particularly high quantity of Lycopene, etc. Additionally, pest control companies will exhibit, at the conference, natural pest control solutions, etc.

Delegations from all over the world are expected to attend the conference, as well as a delegation from the Palestinian Authority which will include close to 300 people coming to examine business opportunities.

Haim Alush, the founder and CEO of Ago Mashov 2019 states: “The Agro Mashov Conference puts agriculture on the map and exhibits the multiple strata of which agriculture consists. Each year anew we see how agriculture is being streamlined and improved and how new and interesting technologies are introduced into the industry.”

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