Agricola Gloria opens new packhouse

Thu 10/03/2016 by Richard Wilkinson

The Italian fruit importer Agricola Gloria has recently opened a new packhouse that will multiply its capacity by five. The building is equipped with the most advanced technology in existence and has a surface area of 29,000 m², which will allow it to store 10,000 pallets more than before.

“The volume of fruit we import from the southern hemisphere is growing considerably, so we no longer fitted in our old packhouse. Now, thanks to this investment, we will have time five times more capacity than before, both in terms of storage space and for handling and packing,” said company’s owner Giulio Magrini.

Citrus fruit are the stars of off-season fruit imports, Magrini said.

 “Up to now the citrus season has gone fairly well, with a slight dip recently because of the increased supplies arriving from South Africa. Imports are also stable on the lemon front, in spite of prices that tend to be on the high side and are only falling a little right now.”

The second line in off-season fruit imports are kiwifruit from Chile.

Agricola Gloria is an Italian company that distributes first-class fruit and vegetables from the Mediterranean basin, Spain, Turkey and Egypt, and imports directly from Chile, Uruguay, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Panama, Honduras, South Africa, Australia and China.

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