Aebe prepares its International Banana Forum 2021

Thu 02/12/2021 by Pierre Escodo - Translation Richard Wilkinson
Katherine Ubilla Ecuasabor and AEBE chairman

AEBE is the organisation that represents more than 50% of Ecuador’s banana exports. Marianela Ubilla, president of the AEBE, confirms that its traditional forum, the Banana International 2021, will take place this year from October 26 to 29 in a mixed format. The event will be held online and in-person at the Hilton Hotel Colon in Guayaquil. The forum programme will address the main challenges of the Ecuadorian and Latin American sectors, such as the challenges posed by the TR4 fungus, the increase in the costs of imported supplies and materials, the price pressure exerted by the discount retail sector, RSA programmes and sustainability. There will be a special focus on publicising the trade agreements with Asia and the improvements to the entire supply chain. Despite the price pressure from German discounters, Ecuador is preparing to address the objectives of the European Green Deal.

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