Adel & Sadiq, grows in import of new products and promotional activities

Fri 17/01/2020 by Richard Wilkinson
Adel & Sadiq, grows in import of new products and promotional activities

The company, which is both family owned and operated, imports fruits and vegetables from all over the world to sell in the Bahrain market. The company has its distribution channels, supplying different sections of the market: supermarkets and wholesale markets with the majority of sales focused on the domestic market. The products are mainly apples, oranges, kiwis and avocados, which are all important markets with growing demand. They import from many sources around the world such as Australia, the US, Thailand, Egypt, Argentina, Europe, Canada, Mexico and Kenya.

“Wherever we can get our hands on new products we try to get as much as possible into our county,” says their director, Sadiq Jaffar Hasan.

Likewise, Adel & Sadiq have been looking at different avenues for growth and have focused their recent efforts on both promotional activities and widening their organic offerings. The promotional activities have been done in coordination with both the supermarkets and suppliers such as Zespri, Leaderbrand, Rockit Apple and Mr. Apple and have helped to boost sales by giving a more interactive shopping environment. The company has been widening their organic range with berries from Spain and apples from New Zealand and USA. Adel & Sadiq have also increased their conventional supplier base by becoming the sole importer and distributor of the Dole Brand in Bahrain while simultaneously beginning direct shipments from the UK with Gs Fresh as well as from Colombia.

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