Addressing residue-free berries at the Global Berry Congress

Tue 22/05/2018 by Richard Wilkinson

Speaking at the recent Global Berry Congress 2018 in Rotterdam, Julien Mourrut-Salesse – Biobest’s Head of IPM and Pollination Specialists – highlighted a range of solutions to help address growing consumer demand for residue-free berries.

Held in March, this world-class event brought together leading berry growers from around the world providing an opportunity to learn, network and create new business opportunities. Julien Mourrut- Salesse was one of 40 expert speakers chosen to assess key challenges and help delegates understand the future for the industry.

“The residue-free concept challenges growers to rethink agrochemical practices,” he said. “They need to think outside the box and it requires strong knowledge of pesticide use and residues. Residue-free can mean the adoption of new technologies, the need to adapt cultural practices and generally requires improved monitoring to boost IPM use. As a result it often leads to a healthier crop and therefore a possible increased yield.”

Supporting residue-free projects in several countries, he explained that Biobest has a dedicated team helping growers meet this target with monitoring tools, a broad range of beneficial insects and mites, entomopathogenic nematodes, microbials and bumblebees as well as a stream of other innovations.

While responding to the growing challenge of the widespread strawberry pest Drosophila suzukii, he highlighted Biobest’s Droso trap and Dros’attract – which are setting the standard for detection of this pest. Many external trials proved that the combination of Biobest’s trap and attractant is the best combination available on the market.

Other products in the spotlight: Biobest’s feed supplement NutrimiteTM, which facilitates earlier predator establishment in the crop, and the patented Flying Doctors® System for the precision delivery of the biofungicide Prestop® 4B to strawberry plants.

Summing up he said; “Consumer demand for residue-free produce is growing rapidly. To benefit, growers face new challenges and expect new solutions from the crop protection industry. Through its expertise and innovations, Biobest is an ideal partner. Residue free and optimal pollination combined ensure high yields and good returns.”

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