Abysmal state of market for Valencia’s stone fruit

Mon 03/06/2019 by Richard Wilkinson
Abysmal state of market for Valencia’s stone fruit

Valencia’s stone fruit producers are gloomy about the prospects for the season ahead. Demand for the fruit is very low among European major retail chains, according to AVA-ASAJA. This is causing a “real collapse” at the outset of the new campaign and is greatly concerning growers who are unable to find outlets for their fruit at prices that would at least allow them to meet production costs. This is the point of the season when prices should be at their highest. This year’s fruit quality is said to be of excellent quality due to the good number of cold hours.

The AVA-ASAJA urged local and national administrations to support growers to prevent an “irreversible disaster”. Suggestions include removing large volumes of fruit from the market place urgently.


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