ABSOGER’s EASI range, Ethylene analyser sampling instrument 

Mon 30/05/2022 by Maria Belén Barbini
Controlling ethylene levels is key to maximising quality during the storage of climacteric fruit.

Ethylene is the key variable for maintaining maximum quality during the storage period of climacteric fruits. Often used for apples, pears, mangoes and avocados, Abosoger’s solutions are now applicable to kiwis, which are particularly sensitive to ethylene. The second generation of its ethylene analysers is more efficient and can analyse levels down to 0.03 ppm. They allow two types of analysis: 1) Manual analysis – the EASI-1N portable analyser enables real time manual monitoring of the level of rooms. It continuously measures the rates and stores the data internally for easy processing; and 2) Automatic analysis –  the EASI-2N is the automatic version that is directly integrated into the supervisor system. Using the management software, the levels of ethylene and other gases are monitored in several chambers simultaneously (up to 64), remotely and with high accuracy. Data recording is also automatic. Thanks to the device’s accuracy and automation, as well as its alarm system, this solution facilitates decision-making by identifying batches that are at an advanced stage of maturity and should be marketed first.

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