ABB Growers, expanding sales of blueberries

Wed 13/07/2022 by Amanda Cardinal
Fresh blueberries, both conventional and organic, are supplied throughout the year.

ABB Growers was founded in 2014 as a family business to sell its own blueberries directly to customers. The firm now offers its services and experience to other growers, too. It has formed partnerships with companies of growers from all over the world to transport its blueberries for packing and distribution to the market year-round. “What makes us different is that we know everything about blueberries,” said Suzanne Douven, QHSE manager of ABB Growers. The company’s philosophy is based on meeting its clients’ needs. Approximately 200 tons of blueberries per week from all of its partners are packed at a large packing house dedicated only to blueberries. The aim is to sell about 40-60 tons per day in Holland, Germany, Austria, Belgium and (normally) Ukraine, but the firm is in the process of expanding sales all over the world.

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