A progressive strategy for the modern demands of the produce industry

Mon 02/03/2020
A progressive strategy for the modern demands of the produce industry, credit: Eurofresh Distribution Magazine
Martijn Bouman, Trade Marketer, Levarht © Yzza Ibrahim


Levarht supplies goods and solutions to retailers in 2020

In recent years, consumer awareness has grown beyond issues of simply price and the quality of fruit and vegetable produce, and is now heavily influenced by health, social and environmental concerns. The profitability of vegetable distributors is no longer determined by their product alone. To adapt to this change, Martin Bouman of Levarht’s marketing department explains that the firm’s key strategy for this year is to go beyond the role of supplier to provide retailers with crucial market insights on key trends. This will allow retailers to position themselves favourably in the evolving market.

According to Bouman, the overarching trend is sustainability. Consumers are after fresh produce delivered with minimal adverse effects on the environment. For a retailer, how this is achieved can be communicated in several ways. Locally sourced fruits and vegetables require less carbon emissions than imports. Minimising plastics in packaging suggests conscientiousness in waste management. The arrangement of goods in more manageable portions addresses issues of food waste and convenience at the same time. Bouman also cites the growing snacking culture and the increase in demand for more portable food. By informing retailers of how consumer concerns are addressed in the logistics behind the product, Bouman believes the company provides added value to its services and places itself above the competition.

Levarht is a Dutch company committed to providing access to healthy produce worldwide and to thriving together with its growers. Levarht supplies retailers and wholesalers from Europe, the US, and Asia.

For inquiries: Martjn Bouman; +31-297-38-16-63; mbouman@levarht.com


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