A novel melon variety taking Europe by storm

Thu 27/02/2020 by Richard Wilkinson
Geerten van Luttikhuizen

Melons are members of the Cucurbits family and are well-known fruit snacks during summer as a balm for the hot weather. There are quite a number of various varieties of melons currently available in the market, but they are nothing like the Limelon. Limelon is a new variety of melons, steadily gaining fame thanks to its market introduction by Hillfresh International.

According to Geerten van Luttikhuizen, account manager at HillFresh International,

“Limelons have a unique flavor with a nice bite of lemon. These melons can last up to 4 weeks, almost double the shelf-life of the melons currently sold in the market.’’

First tested in 2016, this melon variety was created by a breeder company based in Taiwan. Successful growth tests were also performed in Spain during the same year. The idea of Limelon was due to the stagnation in breeding new melon varieties. “Thanks to its success, growth and production tests were also done successfully in Brazil. This moment we are testing the melon in Costa Rica with the goal of producing limelons all-year round,

” Luttikhuizen shared. At present, the market of limelons are retailers, wholesalers, foodservice and fresh cut.

In week 22, HillFresh will start with their commercial volumes from Spain: starting in Almeria, continued in Murcia and after the European season, the company is looking forward to receiving the commercial volumes from Brazil.

For inquiries: Geerten van Luttikhuizen; +31612-878585; geerten@hillfresh.eu; www.hillfresh.eu

Author: Yzza Ibrahim

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