A new concept in sweetness from Primor

Wed 22/06/2016 by Richard Wilkinson
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“Sweeter than love” is the slogan of the Sweet X-Perience by Primor brand, whose new extra early varieties (April 15-May 15) will have full colour and the best taste quality. It promises to become the sweetest stone fruit available on the market. In collaboration with plan breeder Francés Escande, they already have 14 new varieties planted, mostly of white and yellow fleshed nectarines. Sat Sintesis commercial director Sebastian Adnot explained the brand developments:

“Due to the excellent results of our crops in 2015, we decided to create the brand Sweet X-Perience, but, at that time, we did not have enough volume to trade. This year, however, we do have an interesting quantity of fruit and plan to distribute iit to European customers we’ve selected.”

Although this line currently accounts for only 7% of production, Adnot revealed that over the next five years the project aims to replace 80% of the current early range with these new extra sweet varieties.

“We already had an important advantage because our premium supply is one of the earliest and most exclusive in the European calendar and, in addition, from now on we shall have the sweetest fruit available in this commercial period,” Adnot said, confirming that this type of programme is what will define the company’s future strategies. “It’s a long-term project whose results will start to be seen as of this campaign.”

Sat Sintesis has exclusive distribution and marketing rights for the Primor and Sweet X-Perience brands. This Seville company is the front-runner in the sector, highlighting its early production window for stone fruit crops in Seville and Huelva, and is very well known for its varieties development programme. Peach, nectarine, flat peach and plumcott are some of the main summer harvest varieties making up 20,000 tons, while the winter production is based on 25,000 tons of citrus. This way, they can supply fruit year-round.

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