70% of French bought organics during confinement

Tue 07/07/2020 by Richard Wilkinson
70% of French bought organics during confinement © Eurofresh Distribution

More French consumers began buying organic products during the Covid-19 quarantine. In fact, during the lockdown, 7 in 10 consumers bought organics, 8% of whom were new to the world of organics. These are the findings of a study published by the Bio Agency, which also reported that consumption was up overall of organics, especially amongst young people (18 to 24 years old), who consumed 11% more (compared to 6% of all buyers). While most sales of organics were in hypermarkets (57%), direct sales also played a key role, with 22% purchased from farms, local platforms or Amapa (French agroecological consumer groups). These direct sales systems are particularly successful in rural areas, where 37% of inhabitants use these channels. Specialty bio stores and proximity stores account for 26% and 24% of organic sales, respectively. Sales of organic products using car pick-up services at supermarkets are up 17% in this period, while online orders (excluding pick-up services) increased 7%.

The report also notes that the current pandemic has raised awareness of organics among consumers between the ages of 50 and 64, of whom 54% claim to have purchased organic produce to support French producers in this sector. Similarly, the growth of direct sales of organics can be attributed in part to their proximity and environmentally friendly production methods. Almost all of the newly converted organic consumers (90%) plan to continue promoting bio producers, citing among their reasons the fact that these products are better for health (59%), are of better quality (57%), and are more respectful of the environment (56%).

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