7-Eleven voted most popular US grocer 

Thu 29/12/2022 by Richard Wilkinson

Convenience chain 7-Eleven was ranked first in YouGov’s grocery survey for 2022, with a 62% rating, just ahead of Aldi and Kroger (with 61% each). Trader Joe’s (at 58%) and Whole Foods Market (53%) came in at fourth and fifth place, respectively. According to the YouGov site, popularity refers to the percentage of people who have a positive opinion of a grocery store.

Millennial males gave the chain its highest popularity score, perhaps associating it with the purchase of a cold six-pack of beer. Females, by contrast, put Aldi at the top.

The survey suggests no major upheavals in retail grocery spending, but it does highlight the importance of convenience in the present-day market. The natural question for the produce industry is how it can fit into this convenience landscape.


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