64% of Europeans eat fruit at least once a day

Mon 06/05/2019 by Richard Wilkinson

A study has found that in 2017, 27% of Europeans ate fruit at least twice a day. A further 37% of the EU population ate fruit once a day and the remaining 36% ate fruit either less frequently or not at all during a typical week. A slightly smaller proportion (23%) of the EU population ate vegetables at least twice a day, and a slightly higher proportion (40%) ate vegetables once a day.

Among the EU Member States, the Italians and Portuguese had the highest daily intake of fruit (85% and 81% of the populations respectively). The three Member States with the lowest daily intake were Latvia (35 %), Bulgaria and Lithuania (both 37%).

As for vegetable consumption, Ireland and Belgium had the highest proportion of the population who ate vegetables at least once a day (both 84%). Five Member States recorded lower than 50%: Hungary (30%), Romania (41%), Latvia (44%), Lithuania and Bulgaria (both 45%).


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