57% of Spanish online shoppers have used a fast delivery app

Wed 20/07/2022 by Kantar - Translation Richard Wilkinson

A recent Ecommerce On study by Kantar Insights, which collects data from 19 markets, has found that one of the most central phenomena of the pandemic is the increase in fast delivery applications or Rapid Grocery Delivery (RGD). Globally, 60% of eCommerce shoppers now use them.

RGD usage rates vary greatly depending on the country, as well as the types of products purchased. Spain is one of the European countries with the highest rate of use and 57% of online shoppers have already used a fast delivery application.

Cristina Pérez, Director of Commerce at Kantar Insights, said: “The results of the study show that buyers start testing with one or two categories, and once the “barriers” are removed, other categories quickly follow, so they are It is a new channel that must be considered when developing shopper marketing strategies.”

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