42% of Spanish consumers purchasing innovative products 

Thu 20/04/2023 by Richard Wilkinson

Price is the main factor shaping purchases of innovative consumer products, according to data from AECOC Shopperview and Gelt Data Facts, who report that 42% of consumers have bought a new product in the past year. The figure is higher than before the pandemic, but represents a drop of 10% compared to the 2022 record.

Asked about what prevents them from purchasing new products, 75% point to price, as innovative products are perceived as being somewhat more expensive. A further 26% report not being able to find items that meet their needs, and 20% preferring products they already know.

The report also shows that 69% of consumers want brands to launch more healthy options. However, in the analysis of the latest new products purchased and best valued, there are many new products linked to indulgence. The data also confirms that stores remain the main point of discovery for shoppers, well ahead of advertising in traditional media and on social networks.


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